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Are heavier vehicles safer?

You're at the dealership, looking at a small car that sips fuel and a large pickup truck. Which one should you choose?

It depends what you're looking for. Fuel economy may be your top goal. If you're just looking for safety, though, statistics suggest you should buy the truck -- no matter what those crash test ratings say.

How do I become a better defensive driver in Wisconsin?

The best way to lower your chances of being involved in an accident on the roads of Milwaukee is by becoming a better defensive driver. This takes a lot of practice and time to accomplish, but it can be done. Defensive driving does not take the place of driving safely. It coincides with operating your vehicle in a safe manner. Here are some tips for becoming a better defensive driver.

Make yourself aware of the other drivers around you at all times. Letting your guard down is when you are most likely to be involved in an accident. You cannot assume that other drivers will be just as safe as you. You also can't assume that they will follow the rules of the road, the speed limit or obey the laws. When you anticipate other drivers being unsafe, you will put yourself in a better position to avoid an accident.

How can I protect myself on the road around trucks?

Driving is exhilarating and stressful all at the same time. With so many large vehicles on the roads, specifically tractor-trailers, driving can be difficult and scary for some. Here are some tips for safely operating a vehicle near large trucks when on the roads of Wisconsin.

Avoid driving in the blind spots of trucks. Blind spots are a common cause of accidents with trucks. Because these vehicles are so large, it can be very difficult for truck drivers to see smaller cars and SUVs on either side of them, leading to accidents if they decide to change lanes quickly. Truck blind spots include both sides and even the front and back of the truck. Try to see the driver in his or her mirror. If you cannot, it's highly likely that he or she cannot see your vehicle.

Oconto County employee injured on the job

An Oconto County highway employee suffered a serious injury on the job that has kept him out of work since June 1. The employee from the Highway Department was injured when a dump truck ran over him. The county administrative coordinator said that the employee has been released from the hospital, but it will be months before he can return to work on restricted duty.

The incident happened just after 7:30 a.m., on June 1 on Highway 32 in Breed. There is a construction site on the highway. The dump truck was being backed up to an asphalt mill by another employee. The victim walked behind the truck and was hit on the shoulder by the tailgate.

Woman killed in Wisconsin motorcycle crash

A woman was killed in a motorcycle crash last week in Mecan after the bike she was a passenger on left the roadway after swerving to miss a deer. The woman was from Escanaba, according to the Marquette County Sheriff's Department. The investigation into the accident is ongoing.

The victim, 44, was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident, which occurred on County Road C in Mecan. The victim was the passenger on the motorcycle, which was being driven by a 44-year-old man from Gladstone. The accident occurred just after 4 .m. The driver told investigators that he swerved to avoid a deer, causing the vehicle to leave the roadway.

Who can sue for a wrongful death?

The wrongful death of a loved one is devastating. It can change your life forever in ways you never could have imagined. Not long after your loved one dies, you will begin to wonder who can be held accountable. So, who can sue for a wrongful death in Wisconsin?

When a person dies due to wrongful death, the victim's parent, spouse and children have the right to sue. Depending on the circumstances, extended family might also be allowed to file a lawsuit in such a case. Extended family members could include siblings, grandparents and domestic partners.

Carjacking leads to fatal crash in Milwaukee

A carjacking led to a fatal crash in Milwaukee back on June 29. The victim of the crash was a 20-year-old Milwaukee man. The carjacked vehicle slammed into a tree on the west side of the city. The victim was a passenger in the front of the 2007 Cadillac DTS that slammed into the tree not long past 4:30 p.m. The accident occurred on the 4000 block of W. Highland Boulevard.

Another passenger in the car was hospitalized in critical condition as a result of the accident. The carjacking reportedly took place on June 28 around 10:30 a in the 200 block of N. 35th Street, according to police. Officials are still looking for the reported driver of the vehicle, who fled the scene on foot after the vehicle crashed into the tree.

Car Accident Whiplash

What causes car accident whiplash? When the head and neck are suddenly and forcefully whipped forward and back, mechanical forces place excessive stress on the cervical spine. Traumatic disc rupture and soft tissue damage can occur. Damage to the disc can put pressure on the nerves as they exit the spine. The pressure or irritation can be felt as numbness on the skin, weakness in the muscles, or pain along the path of the nerve. This is radiculopathy, also called a pinched nerve.

Wisconsin workers' compensation rates to drop

The rates for workers' compensation premiums in the state of Wisconsin will drop for contractors. The announcement was made by the State Department of Workforce Development on Tuesday of this week. The department said that the rates will drop by 8.46 percent. The decline comes after an approval by the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance in Wisconsin.

There was a decrease in premiums last year too, at 3.19 percent. The department said that the combined decreases in premiums will result in a savings of $170 million for employers in the state of Wisconsin. The rates are adjusted annually by the Wisconsin Compensation Rating Bureau and a committee of actuaries.

Workers Compensation Lumbar Fusion Procedure Generally

Injured workers considering lumbar fusion for a workers comp back injury should get their medical advice only from their health care providers. General information on procedures is available on the internet from legitimate sources, but again is only general and not specific to your situation. Here is how eorthopod.com describes one version of the procedure.

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