Workers' Compensation Claim Process

Extensive Understanding Of Workers’ Compensation Claims

Wisconsin is a no-fault state for workers’ compensation claims. You have the right to collect workers’ compensation benefits if your injury arose from your employment. You are not required to prove negligence in causing your injury — just as long as the injury is work-related. This is why it is highly recommended you contact an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to discuss which options are best for you to take with regard to your work-related injury and claims.

You should contact a lawyer if:

  • You cannot work because of your injury
  • You are not receiving benefits after your injury
  • You cannot return to work due to restrictions
  • You are concerned that there are other benefits or options available

What Determines A Work-Related Injury?

A work-related injury can be an injury that has developed over time due to repetitious work-related activity or from a single accident occurring at work. Fault is not generally a factor to your claim for workers’ compensation. However, what is an important determinant of your claim is medical documentation from your doctor, since all compensation and medical payments will be based on these reports.

Reporting The Injury To Your Employer

It is essential that you report the facts of your work-related accident or injury to your employer and to each doctor, clinic or other medical provider.

Reporting The Injury To Your Doctor

Each time you see a new medical provider, make sure you explain how your work-related injury occurred. Also:

  • When seeing the doctor, get an off-work or light duty excuse
  • Keep all records of doctor visits for yourself
  • Give copies of these documents to your employer, the insurance adjuster and your lawyer

Do You Require A Lawyer?

If your adjuster or nurse case manager has told you not to contact a lawyer, it may be in your best interests to actually consult with an attorney. We are experienced attorneys and have handled many workers’ compensation cases. It may be difficult for someone unfamiliar with the process and laws involved to know what workers’ compensation benefits are available and to meet the legal standards and deadlines for your claim. We want to help you by evaluating your case and determining what is the best route to take to achieve the most beneficial option and maximize your compensation. If you have a serious injury involving work restrictions, you can make the most of your situation by contacting an experienced attorney to help you maximize your compensation.

If you have been denied your workers’ compensation claim, the McCormick Law Office can help you determine your eligibility for other benefits.

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