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Are My Future Medical Bills Covered in Car Accident Settlement

Yes, future medical bills should be factored into a car accident settlement. In any personal injury action future medical expenses for doctor, hospital and related expenses are recoverable if reasonably and necessarily incurred in the treatment of the injury from the accident.

Accident with Uninsured Driver

Uninsured driver coverage is insurance, which covers a driver or passenger damaged by the negligence of an uninsured driver. Uninsured motorist coverage, referred to by the acronym UM coverage, is mandatory in Wisconsin automobile insurance policies. In this way, responsible people who buy insurance will have some coverage protection in their own policy against people who do not get insurance. There has been a lot of changes back and forth in Wisconsin over the last twenty years, and it is essential for anyone analyzing an accident to determine what statutes were in effect at the applicable time.  For this purpose only the current state of the law will be discussed, after the 2011 statutory changes.

Stopping on the Highway: Railroad Crossing

Railroad crossings and tracks are very dangerous to vehicles and pedestrians as well. A collision between a train and another, will not turn out well for the other. In addition to the law, basic common sense and a healthy sense of caution will serve a driver well when encountering a railroad crossing, where risks are to be avoided by default. Wisconsin law states as follows:

Wisconsin Pedestrian Right of Way

Some of the most challenging pedestrian motor vehicle accident cases involve child dart out situations and stranded drivers walking on the highway. Rules of comparative negligence apply, but there are jury instructions that act as guideposts. Wisconsin laws for pedestrian right of way do not by default favor the pedestrian. Every situation is different and a pedestrian must be on constant look out for his or her own safety. After an accident we can look at the facts and apply the law to get a financial recovery for a severely injured pedestrian. The pedestrian right of way laws in Wisconsin are very specific depending on the circumstances. The following rules address some situations a pedestrian may find him or herself in.

MVA: It's a Crash, and no accident

Its time to call MVAs what they are: a car crash, not an accident. As the New York Times recently reported, a growing number of safety advocates are campaigning to change a 100-year-old mentality that they say trivializes the single most common cause of traffic incidents: human error. Roadway fatalities are soaring at a rate not seen in 50 years, resulting from crashes, collisions and other incidents caused by drivers. Almost all crashes stem from driver behavior like drinking, distracted driving and other risky activity such as texting. There is nothing accidental about negligent and reckless driving that caused 38,000 people to die in car crashes in 2015. 

Duty of Drivers on Icy Roads

The duty of drivers on icy road accidents in Wisconsin always a question.  The accumulation of ice on the highway does not excuse drivers from being careful. When the first nasty snow and sleet whips up on a December night and we're traveling down I94 from Waukesha to Milwaukee for a basketball game, we have all seen drivers ignore the dangerous conditions and recklessly speed by.  If they cause an accident are they negligent?  Icy road collisions cause medical bills, wage loss, pain and suffering.

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