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Seat belts save lives and help minimize injuries in crashes

Wisconsin requires all motorists to wear seat belts. They do because research shows that they protect motorists from suffering serious injuries in crashes. Seat belts can slow the movement of your body, which can keep you from making contact with your steering wheel, dashboard and front windshield. They can also keep you from being ejected from the car. Put quite simply, a seat belt can minimize your risk of suffering a serious injury and save your life.

Wisconsin wrongful death lawsuit may continue after challenge

It is almost impossible to deal with the unexpected death of a relative or close friend. It is hard enough when doctors and estate planners help us prepare for the event. When one must face the painful reality of a lost life, financial compensation may be the only comfort left to find.

What can you do if a life is unexpectedly lost?

It is inevitable that people have to deal with the coming end of life. It always feels unfair, but nothing feels more so than the unexpected death of a loved one. Many families have a chance to discuss estate plans and say their goodbyes. It feels like a double tragedy when someone departs without giving survivors that chance.

How do families recover from a wrongful death?

When someone close to us dies unexpectedly, it's impossible to know what to expect other than sadness and solitude. Strong families and communities help us get over losses, but sometimes, the end of a life has a cost too great to bear. The legal system in Wisconsin allows the survivors of people killed by other people's actions or inactions to help with recovery.

Computer-maker sued for fire allegedly caused by product

It is always an incalculable loss when a family member or close friend dies. There is never anything that can replace a life, and it often seems cruel to try and reduce a life into a monetary sum. But in the case of accidents that are caused by other people or faulty products, the financial damages are quite real.

Who can file a wrongful death lawsuit and why?

The death of a family member is always a traumatic event, and unexpected losses can be unthinkable. The worst part for families can be that dealing with the loss of a breadwinner brings financial problems as well as emotional distress. Expenses attached to funerals and end-of-life needs may exhaust funds that were already precarious.

Family of Wisconsin shooting victim sues for damages

When a fatal accident happens, the most many of us can do is mourn a tragic loss earlier than its time. In some cases, in which someone else may have caused a loss, the best that family members and other survivors can do is try to claim financial damages to make the loss less damaging.

Determining if you should pursue a wrongful death claim

Bringing the party responsible for the wrongful death of a loved one to justice is a goal shared by many victims in the Milwaukee region. Unfortunately, the task of making this goal happen often feels overwhelming, especially for those struggling to cope with their grief.

How common distractions can lead to child drowning accidents

People often feel like it is safe to leave a child unattended if it's "just for a second." For instance, a babysitter may keep a close eye on a child for most of the night, but then look away for a minute while taking a phone call from a significant other.

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