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Left Turn Right of Way

In Wisconsin left turn right of way goes to the oncoming car and the car making a left turn must yield and only proceed when its safe. See Wisconsin Statute Sec. 346.18 (2) TURNING LEFT OR MAKING A U-TURN AT INTERSECTION. The operator of a vehicle within an intersection intending to turn to the left or make a U-turn shall yield the right-of-way to any vehicle approaching from the opposite direction. See Wisconsin Civil Jury Instructions:

MVA Speeding Accidents

In Wisconsin speeding causes car accidents. Since the highway speed limit was raised in 2015, the twelve months ending June 2016 higher speeding limits contributed to increasing fatalities 37% on the interstate, injuries increased 11% and the total number of accidents rose 12%. But other moving related automobile collisions occur as well. Wisconsin law addresses these situations:

Speeding Causes Accidents

In Wisconsin speeding is often the cause of accidents. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported on 9/23/16 that "In the 12 months following Wisconsin's switch to 70 mph on interstate highways starting in June 2015, fatalities rose 37% on the interstate, injuries increased by 11% and the total number of accidents rose 12%. In that time 10 more people died, 208 more were injured and 1,057 more accidents were reported than the previous 12 months on interstate roads."

2012 Wisconsin motorcycle fatality rate among the highest

State officials are analyzing data about this year's traffic deaths in Wisconsin. The number of fatal motorcycle accidents is of particular concern, because of a sharp spike in the 2012 death rate.

Investigators question truck's speed in child's death

How fast a pickup truck was going at the time it struck a child crossing a Wisconsin Rapids street is under investigation. The 8-year-old old boy died from injuries he received last fall in a motor vehicle accident on West Grand Avenue at 14th Avenue.

Nine Campbellsport students involved in fatal car crash

The deaths of two Fond du Lac County students and the injuries to seven others are being blamed on negligence. The nine teenage girls, injured in the fatal motor vehicle accident, were not wearing seat belts, according to county sheriff's deputies.

Drunk driving blamed for 3 injuries in Hoan Bridge crash

The combination of drunk driving and speeding can be a dangerous situation that often ends with a fatal car accident. Three men recently survived an auto accident that the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department said was caused by a drunk driver hurtling over Hoan Bridge.

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