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How Much Does Workers Comp Pay?

In Wisconsin workers comp pays temporary total disability or TTD benefits provided by Wisconsin's Worker's Compensation Act as replacement for wages that the worker or the worker's dependents have lost because of an injury. The average weekly wage must be calculated first, because it is the basis for all other benefits.  TTD benefits are usually 2/3 of the average weekly wage, subject to statutory maximums.  Permanent partial disability or PPD benefits are set by law also but in a different manner.

Workers Comp Pain and Suffering in Wisconsin?

There are no workers comp pain and suffering benefits in Wisconsin workers' compensation law.  Wis. Stats. Ch. 102.  The injured employee's exclusive remedy against the employer, co-employees and the worker's compensation insurance company are worker's compensation benefits. Wis. Stat. Sec. 102.03(2).

Certified Nurse Assistant or CNA Workers Comp Causation

Certified nurse assistant or CNA workers comp causation in Wisconsin concerns low back disability and neck injury.  CNA jobs are essential to our society and economy because certified nurse assistants provide the care to our elderly parents and grandparents as well as our disabled brothers and sisters.  CNA work is difficult in every way and CNAs deserve our respect, admiration and compassion.  When a CNA gets hurt at work, they should get workers compensation not a cold shoulder denial.

Cable Installer Workers Comp Causation

Cable installer workers comp causation in Wisconsin often involves a low back injury or neck disability.  Cable installers are cable television, broadband internet, or telecommunications workers who typically specialize in either installing and repairing the main lines, or installing and repairing lines and equipment at the customer's location. Telecommunications workers who handle the main lines are typically called line installers or linemen, while those providing service at the destination point are called telecom or cable technicians.

Sheet Metal Workers Comp Causation

Sheet metal workers comp causation in Wisconsin may be the result of a single traumatic lifting injury, or the result of sheet metal worker job duties over time. Many sheet metal worker low back on the job injury or neck herniated disc result from work.  A skilled tradesman, sheet metal workers create, install, and repair sheet metal often in heating, cooling, and ventilation systems, but sheet metal workers also fabricate and repair sheet metal for gutter and roofing applications. 

Truck Driver Workers Comp Causation

Truck driver workers comp causation in Wisconsin often happens from a driver loading or unloading duties.  While many truck driving jobs do not involve loading or unloading, the jobs that do are very tough resulting in low back and neck injuries that are covered by workers compensation.

Carpenter Workers Comp Claim Causation

A carpenter workers comp claim in Wisconsin can come from a single traumatic accident or lifting incident.  A carpenter helps lift some framing, feels immediate low back pain, perhaps shooting pain down the leg.  More likely though, carpenters work through many days of low back pain until one day it causes the carpenter to see a doctor.  In carpenter workers comp cases without a clear single incident, we make what is called an occupational claim.  In an occupational claim we prove that the carpenter's job duties over time contributed to his low back deterioration, herniated disc and possible low back surgery.

Workers Comp from General Electric Closing Waukesha Engine

Workers comp claims from General Electric closing Waukesha Engine. A successful, efficient factory in Waukesha, Wisconsin making industrial engines, costing up to $1 million each, and are used for emergency power in hospitals and office buildings and in the oil and gas industry.  Many of its engines sell to foreign corporations, but those customers do not have the funds to pay cash and cannot get loans from private commercial lenders.

Eliminating Workers Comp in Wisconsin

Eliminating workers comp in Wisconsin as we know it is the goal of some in the Wisconsin legislature.  The Industrial Revolution of the 1800s took people off the farms and into urban factories.  The factories were heavily dependent on manual labor and dangerous.  The laws protected the business owner's property more than worker's lives.  If you were hurt, get out of the way, there's somebody to take your place.

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