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Workers Comp Low Back Pain Archives

Workers Comp Low Back Pain - Injections

Employees with workers comp low back pain are often treated with spinal injections for both treatment and diagnostic purposes. These injections usually use a mixture of an anesthetic and some type of cortisone preparation. The anesthetic is a medication that numbs the area where it is injected. If the injection takes away pain immediately, this is an important indicator suggesting the source of the pain. The cortisone decreases inflammation and can reduce the pain from an inflamed nerve or joint for a prolonged period of time.

Workers Comp Low Back Pain Rehabilitation III

Workers comp low back pain rehabilitation in workers compensation cases after surgery is more complex. Depending on the type of low back surgery, an injured worker may leave the hospital shortly after surgery. Some procedures, such as fusion surgery, require that one stay in the hospital for a few days. It may be less with a discectomy, laminectomy or foraminotomy.  When in the hospital, a physical therapist may visit in your hospital room soon after surgery. Physical therapy sessions help the injured worker learn to move and begin doing routine activities without putting extra strain on the low back.

Workers Comp Low Back Pain Rehabilitation II

Workers comp low back pain rehabilitation in workers compensation nonsurgical cases involves an active approach to therapy to help you attain better muscle function, so you can return to work duties. Active rehabilitation speeds recovery, reducing the possibility that back pain will become a chronic problem. Activity helps you resume normal activity as swiftly as possible. Though you'll be cautioned about trying to do too much, too quickly, you'll be guided toward a return to your usual activities. This approach gives you a greater sense of control. You'll take an active role in learning how to care for your back pain.

Workers Comp Low Back Pain Rehabilitation I

Workers comp low back pain rehabilitation in nonsurgical cases for acute back pain, an injured worker may be prescribed two to four weeks of physical therapy. You might need to continue therapy for two to four months for chronic back problems. Treatments are designed to ease pain and to improve your mobility, strength, posture, and function. You'll also learn how to control your symptoms and how to protect your spine for the years ahead.

Workers Comp Low Back Pain Surgery II

Workers comp low back pain surgery may be a lumbar fusion. Do I need low back fusion surgery?  It's a question workers compensation employees, whether an iron worker, boilermaker, construction laborer or factory machinist with work-related low back pain often ask.  A lumbar fusion may be recommended following a single lifting accident at work, or from physical job duties over time.  Work-related lumbar fusion surgery is a last resort of treatment in most cases. Some examples of workers compensation lumber fusion surgery.

Workers Comp Low Back Pain Surgery I

Workers comp low back pain surgery is rarely scheduled for the lumbar spine right away.  Do I need low back surgery?  It's a question injured employees, whether a carpenter, plumber, electrician, drywall installer, painter, or HVAC worker with work-related low back pain often ask.  Doctors prefer to try nonsurgical treatments before considering surgery.  Even people who have degenerative spine changes tend to gradually improve with time. Only one to three percent of patients with degenerative lumbar conditions typically require surgery. Surgery may be suggested when severe pain is not improving.

Workers Comp Low Back Pain Treatment II

Workers comp low back pain treatment in Wisconsin workers compensation cases often includes injections before any low back surgery is performed.  Injections may relax the low back and allow for rest and therapy.  This is especially true for employees engaged in physical jobs such as certified nurse assistants, construction laborers, shipping and receiving clerks, painters and drywall installers.

Workers Comp Low Back Pain Treatment I

Workers comp low back pain treatment is whenever possible, nonsurgical, after a worker suffers an injury on the job or has to stop working because job duties over time hurt the back.  Whether it's a machinist, truck driver, iron worker or boilermaker, the first goal of these nonsurgical treatments is to ease your pain and other symptoms.

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