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Here’s why truck accidents remain a major concern

As someone who spends any amount of time on the roads in or around Milwaukee, you know there are large commercial trucks everywhere. While they're most commonly spotted on the area's highways, don't be surprised if you come across these vehicles in a city setting.

How to drive safely around commercial trucks

It doesn't matter if you're on the highway or a city road, you could find yourself in close proximity to a commercial truck. In fact, depending on the roadway, it's not out of the question for there to be just as many commercial trucks as passenger vehicles.

Victim ends up investigating his own Milwaukee accident

From Madison to Mellen, Wisconsin requires a car to experience fully. For an overwhelming majority of towns across the Badger State, cars and other personal vehicles are the only reliable way to get around. Commutes and trips to the mall are easily forgettable, as they happen in the hundreds, but accidents always stand out.

Truck accident claims a life in Wisconsin

There's no way around it. You're not going anywhere in Wisconsin if you're not on the road. Although Milwaukee and Madison have some public transit options, and the train can be caught in the southern heartland, cars and trucks are the best way to get around the Badger State.

Truck crash outside Madison began with a deer on the road

Winter months bring all sorts of hazards to roads in Wisconsin. Ice can turn hardy road surfaces into glass with the slipperiness of a skating rink. Snow logs in tire treads, bringing vehicles to a stop or sometimes making it hard to stop. But a year-round hazard is brought into stark relief by the fallen leaves and white background: animals.

Icy road conditions cause more accidents in Wisconsin

With winter in full swing throughout the northern United States, the risk of winter weather is on the mind of most drivers. A record cold snap with large amounts of precipitation brought many Wisconsin communities to a standstill, but many drivers see no alternative to taking to the road to get to work or run errands.

What is the most common type of truck collision?

Drivers share the roads of Wisconsin with every type of vehicle. Car and pickup truck drivers often see tractor-trailers on the interstates and other limited-access highways, and some people heading down smaller roads may even see a bicycle or cross-country skier. But there are few combinations more dangerous on the road than car drivers and truck drivers who are not prepared for each other.

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