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Workers Comp Spinal Stenosis Rehabilitation

Workers Compensation spinal stenosis rehab is important for medical and legal consequences. Medically its important to ensuring the best physical outcome. Legally, the end result is key to what workers compensation benefits are available. If there are work-related permanent restrictions affecting your return to work, there may be loss of earning capacity and/or vocational retraining benefits available. It takes expert medical and vocational opinions but the starting point is permanent work restrictions.

Workers Comp Spinal Stenosis Surgery

If workers comp spinal stenosis symptoms are mild and there is no danger they'll get worse, surgery is not usually recommended. In workers compensation, there is no reason for an injured worker to make a medical decision based on possible legal case outcomes. No attorney should be giving medical recommendations or advice to anyone. It is certainly acceptable for the attorney to advise of the potential legal consequences of alternative medical outcomes, but that should be the extent of it. The injured employee should base medical decisions upon informed advice from health care professionals.

Do Job Duties Cause Spinal Stenosis?

Yes, job duties cause spinal stenosis in certain circumstances. This is the conclusion of the best medical evidence as reported in scholarly papers. For example, a well-known article in Spine in March 1995, sought to understand the long-term effects of exercise on low back pain and spinal stenosis. The results showed weight lifters and soccer players had higher rates of deterioration as shown on MRI results than runners and nonathletes.

Causes of Workers Compensation Spinal Stenosis

What are the causes of workers comp spinal stenosis? In the lumbar spine, the spinal canal usually has more than enough room for the spinal nerves. The canal is normally 17 to 18 millimeters around, slightly smaller than a penny. Spinal stenosis develops when the canal shrinks to 12 millimeters or less. When the size drops below 10 millimeters, severe symptoms of lumbar spinal stenosis occur. There are many reasons why symptoms of spinal stenosis develop. Some of the more common reasons include congenital stenosis (being born with a small spinal canal), spinal degeneration, spinal instability and disc herniation.

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