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Neck or Cervical Work Injury Archives

Causes of Neck or Cervical Work Injury

Finally, causes of neck or cervical work injury may be from neuropathic pain, which is pressure or irritation in the nerves of the cervical spine.  Also called neurogenic pain or radiculopathy, the pain is described as burning, electric, tingling, or shooting in nature.  McCormick Law Office in Milwaukee, Wisconsin represents ironworkers, masons, welders, boilermakers, nurse assistants, carpenters, warehouse workers, truck drivers, factory workers, machinists and others who get work-related pinched nerves.

Causes of Neck or Cervical Work Injury

Causes of neck or cervical work injury can be either a traumatic injury or from job duties over time.  McCormick Law Office in Milwaukee represents injured workers in workers compensation claims.  Recently the Wisconsin legislature passed laws that will harm the interests of employees across our state.  Specifically, the budget bill contains radical changes to the Wisconsin Worker's Compensation Division that will hurt not only employees but employers and insurance companies as well by making the process more difficult to navigate.  Unfortunately, the proponents of the changes either do not understand their effect or worse.  This has nothing to do with policy.  It will not make Wisconsin more competitive for business or create jobs.  It is ideology pure and simple, as evidenced by the changes coming from ALEC not any Wisconsin policy makers. At this point, the legislature has not proposed substantive changes in workers compensation benefits.  We will continue to fight for workers rights whatever they come up with.  

Causes of Neck or Cervical Work Injury

Causes of neck or cervical work injury can be either a traumatic injury or from job duties over time.  McCormick Law Office gets calls from injured workers in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Washington and Racine counties asking if they have a workers comp claim.  It is not unusual for a primary care physician's office to not question the possible occupational source of a cervical injury.  To get successful results attorneys should inquire about any specific work-related accidents and then ask about a worker's job duties, to see if there is a possible relationship between the neck symptoms and the job.  Here is a brief overview of some medical causes of neck pain and how they can be the source of a workers compensation claim.

Neck or Cervical Work Injury

Understanding neck or cervical work injury anatomy is important for the workers compensation attorney.   A workers compensation lawyer does not need to know biochemistry, but should have a thorough knowledge of basic anatomy concerning the injuries involving workers injured on the job or from job duties.

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