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Herniated Disc Settlement in Wisconsin Surgery

In a Herniated Disc Settlement in Wisconsin case if the symptoms you feel are mild and there is no danger they'll get worse, surgery is not usually recommended. However, if signs appear that pressure is building on the spinal nerves, surgery may be required, sometimes right away. The signs doctors watch for when reaching this decision include weakening in the leg muscles, pain that won't ease up, and problems with the bowels or bladder. This is a medical issue not legal. Most cases, surgery comes only after all conservative measures are taken.

Herniated Disc Settlement in Wisconsin Diagnosis

In a Wisconsin herniated disc settlement in workers compensation cases, diagnosis begins with a complete history and physical exam. This is where its important for the injured worker to tell the doctor the symptoms and how they relate to an injury at work or job duties over time. The history must be consistent with each health care provider to be convincing.

Herniated Disc Settlement in Wisconsin Symptoms

With traumatic injury, Herniated Disc Settlement in Wisconsin workers compensation cases, the injured worker often reports hearing or feeling a pop, followed by pain shooting down a leg. Sometimes the leg pain takes several days or weeks to manifest.

Herniated Disc Settlement in Wisconsin Causes

Herniated Disc Settlement workers compensation cases occur when a traumatic accident at work or job duties over time cause the nucleus in the center of the disc pushes out of its normal space. The nucleus presses against the annulus, causing the disc to bulge outward. Sometimes the nucleus herniates completely through the annulus and squeezes out of the disc.

Herniated Disc Settlement in Wisconsin

Our blog on Herniated Disc Settlement in Wisconsin will focus on workers compensation low back injuries resulting in a herniated intervertebral disc, often involving surgery and permanent work restrictions. We also have extensive experience with neck or cervical disc injuries from both motor vehicle accidents and workplace injuries.

What is a Workers Compensation Herniated Disc Settlement Worth?

In Wisconsin, a workers compensation herniated disc settlement amount depends on several factors.  First, is the injury conceded or denied?  Second, is there a surgery involved? Thirdly, are there any permanent work restrictions preventing a return to work. Finally, the money or dollar value of each case or settlement also depends on the injured worker's pay rate and their date of injury. A herniated disc settlement could range from zero in a contested case to six figures in a successful case depending on the facts. 

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