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Accident near Detroit claims 2 lives and injures 2 others

Dangers for motorists in Wisconsin often change with the seasons. Springtime brings more leisure drivers, especially motorcyclists, and people must raise their attention levels. Winter often means the roads are coated with ice and snow, which can lead to massive accidents involving many vehicles.

Police policy in Wisconsin may cause more car accidents

When a person is surrounded by thousands of pounds of steel, it is easy to feel invincible. But anyone who has been in a high-speed accident can relate that cars and trucks can be damaged badly enough to cause injuries to the people inside. Although fatal accidents are rare in Wisconsin, they still happen when the circumstances are wrong.

Fatal accident aftermath brings Wisconsin man to court

Driving always comes with its share of risks in Wisconsin, particularly during winter weather or the rush of new animals in the spring. Careful drivers can make the road safer by paying attention to the road and leaving safe stopping distances, as well as following the most important new safety laws.

Icy conditions lead to collision with Wisconsin police cruiser

Car accidents are common enough in Wisconsin and elsewhere in the United States, but winter makes them more likely and more potentially dangerous. Snow, ice and freezing rain are just some of the hazards that winter brings to the Badger State each year.

Construction on I-94 brought crash woes to Wisconsin

It would surprise few drivers to learn that construction can add risks to a day out on the road. Construction zones often combine several hazards like restricted lanes and reduced visibility into a small area of road, which can be dangerous for both workers and drivers.

Madison crash allegedly caused by rear passenger

When a car accident happens, there is a normal series of events that follow. First comes shock, along with the realization something bad has happened and accounting for lives and limbs. Blame is often the next emotion, with drivers and passengers searching for why something happened and who caused it.

Proving fault when you hit another car in the rear

Do you agree with the widely-held belief that the fault in rear-end car accidents automatically belongs with the driver in the rear? If you do agree and you suffer injuries after striking a car in its rear, will you simply let the matter rest or will you try to learn more? What would you do if you are certain you were not at fault after you strike the back of another vehicle?

7 steps for safe road crossings with children

Crossing a road, for children, carries an inherent level of risk. Any time kids are around cars, parents tend to worry. A split-second mistake can prove fatal. But road crossings are especially hazardous because young children often do not have much experience on their own and may misjudge critical factors like speed and distance.

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