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Milwaukee Car Accident at Work

In a Wisconsin car accident at work the case is processed differently compared to a non work-related car accident. Regarding medical bills, if workers compensation is paying auto accident medical bills, there is no limit to the treatment or in your choice of treatment. Generally, automobile medical pay coverage has low limits and not everyone has health insurance. So it is often beneficial if workers compensation insurance covers the medical bills from a car accident on the job. But keep in mind, the workers compensation insurance company gets paid back according to the formula in Wisconsin Statutes Sec. 102.29 for the bills it paid. There is interplay between workers compensation and the potential car accident damages recoverable. For this reason it is helpful if your attorney has experience or a working knowledge of both workers compensation and personal injury law. If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident while working, be aware of this before hiring an attorney.

I was hurt in a car accident at work.

If I was in a car accident at work can I get paid by the other driver if my employer paid me worker's compensation benefits? Yes, you can have a personal injury case in Wisconsin against the other driver who caused the car accident at work, even if you make a workers compensation claim at same time. If workers comp pays benefits for time missed from work and to the doctors and hospital for medical bills, it has a right to get paid back out of the car accident case but its under a formula in the Wisconsin statutes, Sec. 102.29, which guarantees a recovery for the injured worker regardless of the amount paid by workers compensation. Many law firms handle automobile accident cases, far fewer that handle worker's compensation cases, and there are very few who have extensive experience with both automobile accident and worker's compensation cases. There is an interplay between the two systems and it makes sense to have representation who knows their way around both in order to maximize your recovery.

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