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January 2020 Archives

Workers Comp Artificial Disc Replacement

Artificial disc replacement (ADR) is a device or implant used to replace a diseased or damaged intervertebral disc. Injured workers may be offered this option by their orthopedic surgeon and workers compensation insurance can cover the cost in Wisconsin. After removing what's left of the worn out disc, the ADR is inserted in the space between two lumbar vertebrae. The goal is to replace the damaged disc while keeping your normal spinal motion. Relatively new in the United States; in the U.S. the first lumbar artificial disc surgery was done in clinical trials in October 2001; the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of the lumbar ADRs in October 2004. This blog will discuss ADR generally in the workers comp context. Medical information should only be had from expert health care providers not an attorney's internet blog.

How to safely approach and drive through an intersection

If you spend any amount of time driving in Milwaukee, you know that you'll travel through one intersection after the next. While this is second nature for most drivers, you don't want to get lazy to the point of assuming that nothing bad could ever happen.

Do you have a broken bone? You’re likely to know it

A broken bone is a serious injury that almost always results in immediate pain and discomfort. However, depending on the location and severity of the injury, you may find it difficult to personally determine if you've broken a bone.

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