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How Much Does Workers Comp Pay in Wisconsin

Workers comp pay in Wisconsinis based upon several factors and the type of benefits. First, there is temporary total disability, or TTD benefits, which is paid to you after a work-related injury prevents you from working at all and you are still in the healing period. This can last from a few days to several years depending on the severity of the injury and the nature of the treatment. For injuries occurring in 2019, the maximum rate for TTD was $1,016 per week. Basically, workers compensation TTD pays at 2/3 of a person's weekly average wage, but the maximum wage rate is $1,524 in 2019. If a person earns a lower average weekly wage rate, then the weekly TTD rate would be correspondingly lower. For example, an average weekly wage of $600 would result in a workers comp TTD rate of $400 per week.

If after the period of healing ends, and the doctor says you have a permanent injury with a percentage of disability, then workers compensation permanent partial disability is paid according to the injured body part at a rate of $362 per week, until the number of weeks, based upon the percentage of doctor assigned disability, and the body part according to the workers compensation schedule in Chapter 102 of the Wisconsin statutes is all paid out.

Our attorneys handle back injuries, neck injuries and head injuries, in which case we increase the doctor assigned disability rate by obtaining two specific expert opinions. First, we ask the doctor to assign not only a disability percentage, but more importantly we ask what are the work-related physical and/or mental restrictions at the end of healing. Second, we retain a vocational specialist as an expert witness to interpret the work-related restrictions in conjunction with your educational and employment backgrounds to determine an accurate loss of earning capacity percentage, which is generally substantially larger than the simple disability percentage assigned by your doctor.

McCormick Law attorneys get the best workers comp pay in Wisconsin settlements in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Racine, Ozaukee and Washington Counties by using experts to increase the dollar value of our client's cases. McCormick Law has been doing this since 1982, over 37 years experience in getting the most settlement value in workers comp back injury cases, as well as in neck injury and head injury claims. The two most important factors in determining the value of a worker's compensation claim are the strength of causation, that is proving it is a work-related injury; and the extent of disability, or how any work-related restrictions prevent a man or woman from returning to their previous employment. We cannot help everyone, call to see if we can help you.

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