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November 2019 Archives

Workers Compensation Lumbar Fusion Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation after workers compensation lumbar fusion can be a slow process during which temporary total disability benefits are paid to you. Many surgeons prescribe outpatient physical therapy beginning about six weeks after surgery. This delay is needed to make sure the fusion is taking. You will probably need to attend therapy sessions for two to three months. Total healing can take 8 to 12 months. Therapy can usually progress faster in patients who had an instrumented fusion.

Knowing how to drive in snow can keep you safe this winter

As one of our Wisconsin readers, you're well aware of the snow that's sure to fall this winter season. Even if you're well-prepared for it, there's nothing more nerve-racking than finding yourself behind the wheel when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

How to spot drunk drivers this holiday season

It doesn't matter if you're driving in a big city like Milwaukee or a smaller town, there's always a chance you could find yourself in close proximity to a drunk driver. This is particularly true during the holiday season, as more people are likely to consume alcohol at parties.

How Much Does Workers Comp Pay in Wisconsin

Workers comp pay in Wisconsinis based upon several factors and the type of benefits. First, there is temporary total disability, or TTD benefits, which is paid to you after a work-related injury prevents you from working at all and you are still in the healing period. This can last from a few days to several years depending on the severity of the injury and the nature of the treatment. For injuries occurring in 2019, the maximum rate for TTD was $1,016 per week. Basically, workers compensation TTD pays at 2/3 of a person's weekly average wage, but the maximum wage rate is $1,524 in 2019. If a person earns a lower average weekly wage rate, then the weekly TTD rate would be correspondingly lower. For example, an average weekly wage of $600 would result in a workers comp TTD rate of $400 per week.

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