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June 2019 Archives

Victim ends up investigating his own Milwaukee accident

From Madison to Mellen, Wisconsin requires a car to experience fully. For an overwhelming majority of towns across the Badger State, cars and other personal vehicles are the only reliable way to get around. Commutes and trips to the mall are easily forgettable, as they happen in the hundreds, but accidents always stand out.

Herniated Disc Settlement in Wisconsin

Our blog on Herniated Disc Settlement in Wisconsin will focus on workers compensation low back injuries resulting in a herniated intervertebral disc, often involving surgery and permanent work restrictions. We also have extensive experience with neck or cervical disc injuries from both motor vehicle accidents and workplace injuries.

Home injury while on the job is still a work injury

Once the frontiers were reached, and the wilderness was tamed, the most dangerous place for many Americans became the workplace. Factories, roads under construction and other risky places of employ saw many tragic and preventable injuries before better labor laws started to turn those risks around. Many professions, including manufacturing and emergency service, continue to feature high injury or death rates.

3 motorcycles involved in Wisconsin accident

Springtime brings the annual tradition of bikers hitting the roads of Wisconsin after a long hibernation of frozen and snow-covered surfaces. Although the moment is joyous for thousands of bikers from and around the Badger State, there are increased risks for riders as they are exposed to more of the hazards on the road.

Work-Related Cervical or Neck Injury Rehabilitation

Work-Related Cervical or Neck Injury Rehabilitation varies based on whether the injury required surgery. Here is very generally what one may expect for rehab after the initial acute treatment of a workers compensation neck or cervical spine injury. Every case is different and one should only take a advice from a medical professional. This information is given simply to illustrate what an injured worker may expect in the course of a serious injury claim.

Wisconsin wrongful death lawsuit may continue after challenge

It is almost impossible to deal with the unexpected death of a relative or close friend. It is hard enough when doctors and estate planners help us prepare for the event. When one must face the painful reality of a lost life, financial compensation may be the only comfort left to find.

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