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August 2018 Archives

Workers Compensation Lumbar Disc Herniation Symptoms

Workers Compensation Lumbar Disc Herniation Symptoms causes two types of pain in injured workers, which are work-related and require workers compensation benefits to be paid. First, Mechanical pain is pain that comes from the parts of the spine that move during activity, such as the discs and ligaments. Pain from inflammation occurs when the nucleus squeezes through the annulus. The nucleus normally does not come in contact with the body's blood supply. However, a tear in the annulus puts the nucleus at risk for contacting this blood supply. When the nucleus herniates into the torn annulus, the nucleus and blood supply meet, causing a reaction of the chemicals inside the nucleus. This produces inflammation and pain, which is generally focused in the middle low back and does not radiate. Second, a disc herniation may also put pressure against a spinal nerve exiting the neural foramen. Pressure on an irritated or damaged nerve can produce pain that radiates along the nerve called neurogenic pain and shoots down a leg.

The potential risks of riding a motorcycle at night

You have a right to the road on your motorcycle at all hours, but many motorcyclists voluntarily opt to stay home after dark. The problem is that nighttime driving can increase the risk on what is already a high-risk vehicle. Some of the additional risks you face could include:

How common distractions can lead to child drowning accidents

People often feel like it is safe to leave a child unattended if it's "just for a second." For instance, a babysitter may keep a close eye on a child for most of the night, but then look away for a minute while taking a phone call from a significant other.

7 steps for safe road crossings with children

Crossing a road, for children, carries an inherent level of risk. Any time kids are around cars, parents tend to worry. A split-second mistake can prove fatal. But road crossings are especially hazardous because young children often do not have much experience on their own and may misjudge critical factors like speed and distance.

Route Delivery Merchandiser Work Injury

Route delivery merchandiser is a tough job where a back injury of some sort is a question of when not if. Whether delivering and shelving soda, water or beer, merchandisers move literally tons of material every single day. While equipment like lift gates, hand trucks or forklifts can help, there is no getting around the fact that 90% of the job is manual brute force. Most merchandiser work injuries are not due to a single lifting incident resulting in immediate, acute low back pain. Rather, the back simply wears down over time from the accumulated wear and tear from the physical demands of delivering merchandise over time. 

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