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June 2018 Archives

Workers Comp Low Back Pain - Nonsurgical Rehabilitation

For acute workers comp low back pain, two to four weeks of physical therapy may be prescribed. Chronic low back pain aggravations might need to continued therapy for two to four months. Treatments are designed to ease pain and to improve mobility, strength, posture, and function. One also learns how to control symptoms and how to protect the spine in the future.

3 reasons people get so angry while driving

If you have ever witnessed road rage, you know just how incredibly angry people can get over the smallest things. People may drive recklessly and aggressively or even initiate accidents because of something as simple as forgetting to use your blinker when you change lanes.

Workers Comp Low Back Pain - Fusion cont.

Fusion surgery for workers comp low back pain is a reality for some injured workers and McCormick Law Office has years of experience representing these men and women in workers compensation claims. These are serious cases and require expert opinions and proper documentation to be successful. Following lumbar fusion, many workers have doctor assigned permanent work restrictions. If the workers comp related work restrictions preclude a return to work earning at least 85% of pre-injury wage rate, the worker has a claim for loss of earning capacity benefits. This is in addition to the temporary total disability benefit paid while off work and still in the healing period. There may also be permanent partial disability benefits.

4 signs of a distracted driver

Distracted driving is a huge issue. It can cause many of the same problems as drunk driving. Someone who is distracted also has slower reaction times, makes avoidable mistakes and puts other people in danger. Drunk drivers may never see a stop sign and blow right through an intersection, for instance, and the same thing can happen when a distracted driver is looking down and texting.

Dehydration is similar to drunk driving, experts claim

It's obvious that drunk driving is illegal for professional truck drivers — along with everyone else — but what about simply not drinking enough water? While that's not illegal, some experts have found that it makes drivers feel the same way they feel when they are drunk.

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