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Workers Comp Low Back Pain - Surgery

For workers comp low back pain, lumbar spine surgery generally comes only after exhaustion of conservative treatment. An injured should not make a medical decision for or against surgery based on how they think it will affect their workers compensation case. Lawyers can advise clients on legal implications of treatment decisions, but the decisions should be left to the client in consultation with his or her medical professionals. There are many different operations for back pain. The goal of nearly all spine operations is to remove pressure from the nerves of the spine, stop excessive motion between two or more vertebrae, or both. The type of surgery that is best depends on a patient's conditions and symptoms.

Medical issues resulting from a crush injury

Typically, crush injuries happen when someone is caught between two objects that are either very heavy or that put a terrific amount of force on a specific body part. For instance, crush injuries could happen at work when a worker gets his or her arm stuck in a machine or is struck by a vehicle.

Car Accident on the Job

In Wisconsin, a car accident on the job is treated differently at settlement time compared to a non work-related car accident. The reason being if a person receives workers compensation benefits or workers comp pays for medical bills, then the workers compensation insurance company gets paid back according to the formula in Wisconsin Statutes Sec. 102.29. There is interplay between the workers compensation benefits available and the potential car accident damages recoverable and for this reason it is helpful if your attorney has experience or at least a working knowledge of both workers compensation and personal injury law. If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident while working, be aware of this before hiring an attorney.

Workers Comp Low Back Pain - Injections

Employees with workers comp low back pain are often treated with spinal injections for both treatment and diagnostic purposes. These injections usually use a mixture of an anesthetic and some type of cortisone preparation. The anesthetic is a medication that numbs the area where it is injected. If the injection takes away pain immediately, this is an important indicator suggesting the source of the pain. The cortisone decreases inflammation and can reduce the pain from an inflamed nerve or joint for a prolonged period of time.

Losing a spouse can create emotional turmoil

When people think of the impact of losing a spouse -- people on the outside of the situation, that is -- they often think of realistic costs. If your spouse was the main breadwinner, how will you pay your bills? If your spouse took care of the home, do you now have to pay someone to do that? What medical bills did your spouse leave behind, and what did the funeral costs look like?

5 post hit-and-run tips

The accident happens so quickly that you barely realize what's going on until your car comes to a stop. After taking a moment to gather yourself, you get out to talk to the other driver.

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