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April 2018 Archives

Mary Wollstonecraft - Influencer

Born April 27, 1759, influencer Mary Wollstonecraft is probably the most significant writer and philosopher that most people have never heard of. I use the trendy modern term influencer because it so appropriately applies. In contrast to Wollstonecraft's relative obscurity, her daughter's popular fiction is read or viewed daily throughout the world.

Workers Comp Low Back Pain - Treatment

Low back pain in a worker's compensation case usually follows a treatment regimen common for any low back injury. Legally in Wisconsin an injured worker can pick his or her doctor and the doctor is not constrained by anything other than good medical practices. Neither the employer nor workers compensation insurance company is entitled to direct medical care. Temporary total disability (TTD) benefits are payable when unable to work during the healing period due to a work related injury or condition.

Who's at Fault in a Car Accident?

Before a settlement, car accident fault or negligence must be determined. The insurance company and the attorney for the injured person must come to an understanding of what a jury would likely do is asked to determine relative fault between the drivers in causing a car accident. Sometimes, it's is very easy and undisputed, such as with a rear end collision. The car who rear ends the vehicle in front of him is going to be 100% at fault unless faced with an emergency not of his own doing. On the other hand, many intersection or side impact accidents are not so easy to evaluate. Often each driver has a different version of the accident or there are inconsistent witness statements. In these cases, each attorney or claims adjuster uses their knowledge of the law and command of the facts to arrive at their best educated opinion on what a jury might do with the question. We say a jury, because in our justice system, if the parties cannot come to a compromise or settlement, then the ultimate decider is a jury in a court of law.

America's most dangerous jobs: The top 10

You have probably heard repeatedly that the construction industry is the most dangerous profession. While it does carry a high degree of risk, part of the reason for the high numbers of total injuries and fatalities is just that the industry itself is huge. The more workers you have, the more likely it is that someone will get hurt.

Workers Comp Low Back Pain - Symptoms and Diagnosis II

Workers comp low back pain diagnostic tests to determine a herniated disc from a work accident or job duties over time include the following. Keep in mind every case is different and only a doctor with benefit of a good history and clinical examination is in a position to determine which tests are appropriate.

Workers Comp Low Back Pain - Symptoms and Diagnosis

Workers Comp low back pain symptoms vary from person to person. They depend on a person's condition and which structures are affected. Work related lumbar injury symptoms include low back pain, pain spreading into the buttocks and thighs, pain radiating from the buttock to the foot, back stiffness and reduced range of motion, muscle weakness in the hip, thigh, leg, or foot and sensory changes (numbness, prickling, or tingling) in the leg, foot, or toes.

Study: People use smartphones while driving constantly

If you ask someone about distracted driving, they will probably tell you that they know how dangerous it is. They may cite smartphone use as the most dangerous type of distraction, since it causes you to look down, away from the road and to take your hands off the wheel.

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