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August 2015 Archives

Truck Accidents are Deadly Motor Vehicle Crashes

Truck accidents are deadly motor vehicle crashes that occur on our Wisconsin roads. They can happen at any time or place and can have deadly results to all those involved. Though any crash involving a truck is serious, when a truck is involved in a crash with passenger automobile the injuries and damages can be extremely serious. In order to prevent these crashes from occurring truck drivers and their employers, trucking companies or motor carriers, must follow laws, rules and regulations that are set by the U.S. Federal government and the Wisconsin state government.

What is Workers Comp Herniated Disc Settlement Worth?

What is workers comp herniated disc settlement worth depends on several factors.  First is the injury conceded or denied.  Workers compensation lumbar and cervical disc herniations can be caused by a traumatic or an occupational injury.

Wisconsin Workers Compensation Under Attack

Wisconsin workers compensation is under attack.  Wisconsin instituted the nation's first workers compensation system and it has remained a model for other states largely because of the Workers' Compensation Advisory Council.  The Advisory Council was created to advise the Department and Legislature on policy matters concerning the development and administration of the worker's compensation law. The Council is comprised of representatives from labor, employers, insurance companies and health care providers.  The Council meets several times a year, proposals are made, negotiated and an agreed upon bill is produced and submitted to the legislature.  The Council provides a vehicle for labor and management representatives to play a direct role in recommending changes in the worker's compensation law to the Legislature.  The most important and enduring principle of the Council is maintaining the overall stability of the worker's compensation system without regard to political party changes in the legislative or executive branches of government.

Who Has Right of Way at Intersection

The answer to who has right of way at an intersection car accident in Wisconsin, is determined by a safety statute providing that the driver of a vehicle shall stop before entering a through highway and shall yield the right of way to other vehicles which have entered or are approaching the intersection upon the through highway.

What is Workers Comp Total Disability

What is workers comp total disability in Wisconsin? In most cases this means an injured worker has a work-related unscheduled or nonscheduled injury to the head, neck or back resulting in permanent restrictions preventing the man or woman from working.  If a worker's compensation judge rules an injured worker is permanently totally disabled, under Wis. Stats. Sec. 102.44 the worker is entitled to temporary total disability or TTD benefits for as long as the disability lasts, up to lifetime benefits.  There is also a death benefit that may be available to the dependents upon the worker's death.

How Much Does Workers Comp Pay For Back Injury

How much does workers comp pay for back injury in Wisconsin, depends on several factors.  First, to get a permanent partial disability benefits or settlement, there must be a work-related permanent injury according to your doctor.  A permanent injury decision is made at the end of healing when you have reached a healing plateau.

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