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December 2014 Archives

Work-Related SI Joint Dysfunction Treatment Options

Treatment for work-related SI joint dysfunction is designed to return the worker to work.  Acetaminophen can be used to treat the pain, but it will not control the inflammation.  Anti-inflammatory medications, such as ibuprofen and naproxen, are commonly used to treat the pain and inflammation.

Work-Related SI Joint Dysfunction Symptoms, Diagnosis, Causation

Work-related SI joint symptoms are low back and buttock pain.  The pain can radiate down the leg and may be confused with a herniated disc in the lumbar spine. People often feel muscle spasm in one or both of their buttocks muscles.  Problems with the SI joint may make sitting difficult.  The SI joint dysfunction diagnosis is often made only after a disc herniation is ruled out.

SI Joint Dysfunction

Sacroiliac or SI joint dysfunction is a term that is used to describe a painful low back condition.  For many injured workers in Wisconsin McCormick Law Office attorneys determine if SI joint dysfunction is a work-related condition - if the condition is caused by a work accident or job duties over time.  

Mechanical or Neurogenic Back Pain

Work injuries can result in mechanical or neurogenic back pain.  McCormick Law Office workers compensation attorneys get the best results by reviewing records to determine the type of low back pain a worker experienced.  It makes a stronger worker's compensation claim if the nature of the injury is consistent  with a worker's job duties and the work accident.

Claim denied for Pre-existing Condition or Degenerative Disease

Worker's compensation claim denied due to pre-existing condition and they never had a problem like this before.  The old pre-existing condition, and its cousin the catch-all degenerative disease, are the go to reasons insurance adjusters use to deny injured workers' claims.  Once in awhile these defenses have some merit, but mostly they are used unfairly by independent medical examiners, IME doctors, to deny legitimate claims.

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