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March 2014 Archives

The Privatization of Justice

In the United States, our legal system and courts are public.  The people who run the court system are public employees, the judges, the buildings, are for all the people, rich and poor.  Now, its true that most people who go to court need an attorney to be more effective and that costs money.  But the access to the court system is open to all.  Just as important, the rules or laws that control the process and determine the substantive outcomes, are public and available to all.  The decisions of the judges are public.  This is so that we can understand and trust that our disputes are being handled in a mostly honest, good faith and fair manner.

Ancient Irish Personal Injury Law

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  At McCormick Law Office we seek fair and full compensation for our clients, who incur personal injury, mostly due to motor vehicle collisions or work accidents.  While our law is based on the common law of England, a little research shows that the underlying principles harken from ancient Gaelic law, called Brehon Law dating from the 700s AD in Ireland. 

Spinal Facet Disease - Don't Take It Lying Down

Occasionally working people with back pain are diagnosed with spinal facet disease or syndrome.  Insurance company doctors, the IME doctor, like to say this is a degenerative condition that most people will get it to one degree or another and that its essentially old age.  Live with it, case closed.  No, fact is, in most people facet degeneration is asymptomatic and one would never know it unless a scan was done.  In people who are symptomatic and diagnosed, honest doctors will agree that a worker's job duties over time can contribute to the formation and acceleration of the facet disease - that it is a work-related condition for which an injured worker should be compensated.

Healthier Eating Habits and Less Back Pain

The following story from North American Spine explains that healthier eating habits may result in less back pain.  There is a considerable amount of medical literature linking obesity with back injuries and pain. But the basis for this relationship isn't clear. It is widely though and assumed that back pain naturally discourages participation in athletic activity, and a sedentary lifestyle promotes weight gain. Now a research study, reported on Reuters Health, may provide an explanation for this connection and also suggest how adapting healthier eating habits will help treat back pain.

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