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March 2013 Archives

Waukesha County train crash claims validated in court

The annual Memorial Day parade draws crowds and cars to the small Waukesha County community of Elm Grove. A family large enough to occupy two cars was traveling through the village during the 2009 celebration and became stuck in traffic.

Wisconsin worker injuries up the day after daylight savings

A recently-published study about the influence of daylight savings time on workplace injuries and accidents does not isolate Wisconsin. The research gives a national snapshot of how little sleep deprivation is required before job performance and workers' safety are affected.

Where Get Wisconsin Workers Compensation Information

Injured workers have a lot of questions about workers compensation law, especially after the insurance company cuts off their benefits.  An execellent source of information about how worker's compensation law operates is an experienced worker's compensation attorney.  Feel free to call McCormick Law Office with your questions about neck or low back injuries caused by a work accident or work job duties.

Third worker burn injury in eight months reported at Wisconsin mill

Wisconsin employers are required to comply with federal safety standards or face financial penalties, depending on the severity of violations and history of repeat offenses. Injured workers may receive workers' compensation benefits. Spouses and children of employees killed by workplace accidents receive death benefits.

When to hire or consult a workers' comp attorney in Wisconsin

It does not cost an injured worker any money to hire an experienced workers comp attorney.  In Wisconsin, worker's compensation attorneys work on a contingent fee basis, meaning we only get paid if we successfully help you get benefits.  If you are being paid worker's compensation benefits, you can hire an attorney to advise you and protect your rights but we do not take any portion of the conceded benefits.  We usually wait to get paid at the end of the claim, after we help you get more benefits than the insurance company would have paid without our involvement.

What Do Wisconsin Workers Compensation Attorneys Charge?

Nothing, unless you win.  In Wisconsin, workers compensation attorneys only get paid if they successfully help get you workers compensation benefits.  Its a 20% attorney fee on the benefits the lawyer helps to get for you.  In addition, if the lawyer pays up front for costs such as medical records, bills, and reports, as well as for vocational experts or other expenses to help prove up the case, those costs are reimbursed to the worker's compensation attorney out of any successful settlement or hearing.  If a lawyer does not get you a recovery, there is no attorney fee.  This contingency fee arrangement allows people to get quality legal representation in order to fight on a level playing field with the workers comp insurance company and its legion of lawyers, adjusters, nurse case managers and independent medical examiners or IME doctors.

Victim withholds blame 10 years after Wisconsin ambulance crash

Investigators discovered a combination of factors that caused a fatal 2003 ambulance crash. The roads were wet in Mosinee on that summer day. The newly paved Wisconsin road was slick. The ambulance driver was hurrying because the on-board patient lost consciousness.

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