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Herniated Disc Settlement in Wisconsin

Our blog on Herniated Disc Settlement in Wisconsin will focus on workers compensation low back injuries resulting in a herniated intervertebral disc, often involving surgery and permanent work restrictions. We also have extensive experience with neck or cervical disc injuries from both motor vehicle accidents and workplace injuries.

Home injury while on the job is still a work injury

Once the frontiers were reached, and the wilderness was tamed, the most dangerous place for many Americans became the workplace. Factories, roads under construction and other risky places of employ saw many tragic and preventable injuries before better labor laws started to turn those risks around. Many professions, including manufacturing and emergency service, continue to feature high injury or death rates.

Workplaces are changing in many ways that are likely to alter our relationships to how we think about injuries on the job. Freelancing, contracting and long-term freelance employments often called "permalancing" has blurred the lines on liability for workplace injuries. People working from home or working remotely is also raising questions on who pays for recovery for home injuries.

3 motorcycles involved in Wisconsin accident

Springtime brings the annual tradition of bikers hitting the roads of Wisconsin after a long hibernation of frozen and snow-covered surfaces. Although the moment is joyous for thousands of bikers from and around the Badger State, there are increased risks for riders as they are exposed to more of the hazards on the road.

Bikers often move in groups, especially during community or club rides on the weekends. This often pulls back the danger of solo motorcyclists being ignored by drivers and struck by accident. But tight groupings of any vehicles may experience problems if formations have to adapt to accidents or sudden obstructions.

Work-Related Cervical or Neck Injury Rehabilitation

Work-Related Cervical or Neck Injury Rehabilitation varies based on whether the injury required surgery. Here is very generally what one may expect for rehab after the initial acute treatment of a workers compensation neck or cervical spine injury. Every case is different and one should only take a advice from a medical professional. This information is given simply to illustrate what an injured worker may expect in the course of a serious injury claim.

Wisconsin wrongful death lawsuit may continue after challenge

It is almost impossible to deal with the unexpected death of a relative or close friend. It is hard enough when doctors and estate planners help us prepare for the event. When one must face the painful reality of a lost life, financial compensation may be the only comfort left to find.

This is why survivors of people who died due to other people's actions or negligence have the right under Wisconsin law to seek damages in civil court or get them through negotiations or settlements before a case goes to a jury trial. Any party with liability may be named as a defendant, although those parties also have the right to fight those civil charges.

Accident near Detroit claims 2 lives and injures 2 others

Dangers for motorists in Wisconsin often change with the seasons. Springtime brings more leisure drivers, especially motorcyclists, and people must raise their attention levels. Winter often means the roads are coated with ice and snow, which can lead to massive accidents involving many vehicles.

But many dangers exist year-round, as drivers can always make mistakes or ignore important details when they are distracted by cellphones or other objects on the road. This is why people in Wisconsin must always take extra care on the road, especially at high speeds or in congested areas.

Hugh Thompson, Jr. - Great American Soldier

Early morning, March 16, 1968. US Army helicopter pilot Hugh Thompson Jr. from Stone Mountain, Georgia, a former Boy Scout and the son of a WWII veteran, was flying recon support for a US Army infantry assault on a hamlet known as My Lai in South Vietnam. Encountering no enemy fire, Thompson's crew captured two possible Vietcong, flew them back to base and refueled. Returning to My Lai, Thompson and his men, crew chief Glenn Andreotta from St. Louis and door-gunner Larry Colburn from Washington state wereflying back and forth, reconning in front and in the rear, and it didn't take very long until "we started noticing the large number of bodies everywhere." Hovering closer over an irrigation ditch, they watched Capt. Ernest Medina kick a woman lying on the ground, then shoot her. Seeing what looked to be many more women and children lined up dead in the ditch, Thompson radioed his accompanying gunships, knowing his transmission would be monitored: "It looks to me like there's an awful lot of unnecessary killing going on down there. Something ain't right about this. There's bodies everywhere. There's a ditch full of bodies that we saw. There's something wrong here."

Truck accident claims a life in Wisconsin

There's no way around it. You're not going anywhere in Wisconsin if you're not on the road. Although Milwaukee and Madison have some public transit options, and the train can be caught in the southern heartland, cars and trucks are the best way to get around the Badger State.

Drivers have to be attentive to stay safe. That means cellphones and other electronic distractions should be kept out of sight and out of hands. Construction zones, which offer their own sets of hazards to drivers, require a lot of attention and caution to avoid striking objects or other vehicles.

Work-Related Cervical or Neck Injury - Fusion Surgery

Fusion surgery is a last resort for work-related cervical or neck injury. After fusion, most injured workers are given permanent work restrictions from their surgeon. If the work restrictions prevent a return to work in the same type of job that contributed to the workers compensation injury, there may be additional workers compensation benefits available - loss of earning capacity and/or vocational retraining benefits. A fusion surgery joins two or more bones into one solid bone. The purpose for doing spinal fusion is to increase the space between the vertebrae and to keep the sore joint from moving. This is usually done by placing a small block of bone graft in the space where a disc was removed. Opening up space enlarges the neural foramen, takes pressure off the nerve roots, and eases tension on the facet joints. Cervical fusion is used to treat neck problems such as cervical radiculopathy, disc herniations, fractures, and spinal instability.

New task force in Wisconsin targets worker classifications

Most people's work is hard enough without extra drawbacks that can come with increased risks and decreased benefits. Many who work in a factory, construction site or fishing boat in Wisconsin knows someone who got hurt on the job. There are plenty of problems after a workplace injury, and they start with the cost of recovery.

Workers' compensation and the insurance programs that support it keep injured employees afloat while they deal with the results of an accident. But sometimes employers will try to cut costs by classifying some people who move their businesses forward as something less than employees.

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