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Wrongful death lawsuit alleges culpability for explosion

It is hard to accept that someone's negligence or poor decision-making could cost someone their life. Sometimes, surviving loved ones can gain some measure of justice by seeking financial damages in a civil lawsuit.

A Wisconsin company is one of several defendants in a wrongful death lawsuit brought on behalf of a man who died in an explosion while he helped build a hospital. The 30-year-old man died three weeks after a boiler burst in a physical plant for a future structure.

I was hurt in a car accident at work.

If I was in a car accident at work can I sue the other driver if my employer paid me worker's compensation benefits? Yes, you can have a personal injury case in Wisconsin against the other driver who caused the car accident at work, even if you make a workers compensation claim at same time. If workers comp pays benefits for time missed from work and to the doctors and hospital for medical bills, it has a right to get paid back out of the car accident case but its under a formula in the Wisconsin statutes, Sec. 102.29, which guarantees a recovery for the injured worker regardless of the amount paid by workers compensation. Many law firms handle automobile accident cases, far fewer that handle worker's compensation cases, and there are very few who have extensive experience with both automobile accident and worker's compensation cases. There is an interplay between the two systems and it makes sense to have representation who knows their way around both in order to maximize your recovery.

Madison crash allegedly caused by rear passenger

When a car accident happens, there is a normal series of events that follow. First comes shock, along with the realization something bad has happened and accounting for lives and limbs. Blame is often the next emotion, with drivers and passengers searching for why something happened and who caused it.

Most of the time, at-fault accidents are caused by the driver of a car. With the realities of self-driving cars and rideshares becoming a bigger part of life on the roads of Wisconsin, though, this is not always the case. A man is facing criminal charges after he allegedly caused a crash from the seat behind the driver.

Workers Compensation Lumbar Disc Herniation Rehabilitation

Workers Compensation Lumbar Disc Herniation Rehabilitation after surgery is more complex. Some patients leave the hospital shortly after surgery. However, some surgeries require patients to stay in the hospital for a few days. Patients who stay in the hospital may visit with a physical therapist in the hospital room soon after surgery. The treatment sessions help patients learn to move and do routine activities without putting extra strain on the back.

2-rig collision sends drivers to the hospital

There wouldn't be much to buy at the mall or the grocery store without trucks. Even devotees of online shopping must admit deliveries rely on trucks. Although they can pose problems on the highways, trucks and truckers are due respect for keeping our economy moving.

Wisconsin's place at the headlands of the Midwest makes it a big destination and stopover for trucks. Accidents are rare among professional truck drivers, but the sheer size and lack of maneuverability that are featured in trucks can make a collision a major and unwieldy experience that can cause injury or even death.

Understanding disability benefits and workers' compensation

If you were seriously injured on the job, it is likely that the first place you turned for financial relief was workers' compensation. Many workers know about their right to compensation for an injury at work, but they are less well-versed on what happens when an injury becomes a permanent disability.

If you are told that you have become permanently disabled in some way after your injury at work, it is likely that your whole outlook on life altered. You may not be able to continue in the same profession as a result of your injury, and therefore, it is likely that workers' compensation will not be enough to support you in the aftermath of the workplace accident. It is important that you learn more about your rights as an injured worker, and how you can gain compensation.

Are there any ways that motorcycles increase your safety?

You have likely heard that motorcycles are more dangerous than cars, that they result in higher accident fatality rates and that their small size and lack of safety features play a large role. Statistically speaking, this is correct. Motorcycles do result in more deaths because many accidents that people may survive in cars end up taking lives with motorcycles.

But are there any ways that motorcycles can actually make you safer? Why do some people still think they can be safer than cars, despite the statistics?

Workers Compensation Lumbar Disc Herniation Rehabilitation

Workers Compensation Lumbar Disc Herniation Rehabilitation without surgery may include work with a physical therapist. Patients are normally seen a few times each week for four to six weeks or more. The goal of PT is to control symptoms. Your therapist will help you find positions and movements that ease pain. Treatments of heat, cold, ultrasound, and electrical stimulation may be used in the first few sessions. Lumbar traction may also be used as well as massage or spinal manipulation. These forms of treatment are mainly used to help reduce pain and inflammation so you can resume normal activity as soon as possible.

Determining if you should pursue a wrongful death claim

Bringing the party responsible for the wrongful death of a loved one to justice is a goal shared by many victims in the Milwaukee region. Unfortunately, the task of making this goal happen often feels overwhelming, especially for those struggling to cope with their grief.

As injury lawyers, we understand how difficult it can be to get motivated after losing someone you love. We thought it might help our readers if we talked about the first two steps victims can take after such a loss occurs. Our staff hopes that this information will help you make the right decision regarding the death of your loved one.

Proving fault when you hit another car in the rear

Do you agree with the widely-held belief that the fault in rear-end car accidents automatically belongs with the driver in the rear? If you do agree and you suffer injuries after striking a car in its rear, will you simply let the matter rest or will you try to learn more? What would you do if you are certain you were not at fault after you strike the back of another vehicle?

We want you and all other Wisconsin residents to reconsider what you believe about rear-end car accidents. It is true that in most rear-end collisions, the fault lies with the driver that strikes the other car in the back. However, every rule has at least one exception and this includes the "rules" about car accidents.

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