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3 die in 2-car accident in Kenosha County

Driving in Wisconsin is the main way to get around, and it is safe for a huge majority of people in cars and trucks. Some hazards are avoidable with clear thinking and quick reflexes, but not every risk can be mitigated when we share the road with others.

Three people from the same family are dead after a single car accident in Kenosha County. The incident near Bristol involved two vehicles and five people, only two of whom survived. The county sheriff reported that the family was on the way home from a fish fry when a white truck moving the same direction struck their vehicle from behind.

Wisconsin business group focuses on opioid use at work

Workers have always taken risks to earn for themselves and build careers. One risk that is especially visible on construction crews or industrial worksites is related to the trust that co-workers must have for each other. Another person's mistake or negligence could result in serious injury or death on the job.

Workers' compensation insurance carriers are concerned about the growing role of opioids in American communities, including in Wisconsin. A study on drug abuse shows that almost 25 percent of workers in the United States admitted working while intoxicated by alcohol or drugs. Many employers in the Badger State are, in fact, still looking for workers as Wisconsin's drug test fail rate is at its highest level in more than 10 years.

Work-Related Cervical or Neck Injury - Treatment

Relief of Work-Related Cervical or Neck Injury symptoms starts with Nonsurgical Treatment. Whenever possible, doctors prefer to use treatments other than surgery. The first goal of these nonsurgical treatments is to ease the pain and other symptoms. The health care providers will work with you to improve your neck movement and strength. They will also encourage healthy body alignment and posture. These steps are designed to slow the degeneration process and enable you to get back to your normal activities.

Spring brings flowers and motorcycles back to Wisconsin

Since motorcycle riding in Wisconsin is very dangerous in winter, it is lucky that it is also rare in winter. But thawing fields yield beautiful flowers and warmer temperatures bring bikers back onto the roads of the Badger State. This annual event means that drivers have a new calculus when staying safe on the roads.

Bikers should do their part to preserve their own safety while they are out on a ride. One of the most important pieces of advice bikers can get is "be patient." Taking one's time when passing cars, turning or changing lanes could save a life if it prevents a collision or a flirtation with a driver's blind spot.

Work-Related Cervical or Neck Injury - Diagnosis cont.

The gold standard for Work-Related Cervical or Neck Injury Diagnosis is the MRI. Magnetic waves to create pictures of the cervical spine in slices. The MRI scan shows the cervical spine bones, as well as the soft tissue structures such as the discs, joints, and nerves. MRI scans are painless and don't require needles or dye.

Work-Related Cervical or Neck Injury - Diagnosis

Symptoms from Work-Related Cervical or Neck Injury vary. They depend on your condition and which neck structures are affected. Some of the more common symptoms of neck problems are:

Truck crash outside Madison began with a deer on the road

Winter months bring all sorts of hazards to roads in Wisconsin. Ice can turn hardy road surfaces into glass with the slipperiness of a skating rink. Snow logs in tire treads, bringing vehicles to a stop or sometimes making it hard to stop. But a year-round hazard is brought into stark relief by the fallen leaves and white background: animals.

Deer, bears and other wildlife are implicated in car accidents across the upper Midwest, especially when precipitation makes roads slick or extra hours of darkness reduce visibility. As a result, drivers should reduce speed to avoid chain reaction accidents or other collateral problems.

How do families recover from a wrongful death?

When someone close to us dies unexpectedly, it's impossible to know what to expect other than sadness and solitude. Strong families and communities help us get over losses, but sometimes, the end of a life has a cost too great to bear. The legal system in Wisconsin allows the survivors of people killed by other people's actions or inactions to help with recovery.

Who can sue for wrongful death in Wisconsin?

Fatal accident aftermath brings Wisconsin man to court

Driving always comes with its share of risks in Wisconsin, particularly during winter weather or the rush of new animals in the spring. Careful drivers can make the road safer by paying attention to the road and leaving safe stopping distances, as well as following the most important new safety laws.

A resident of Wisconsin was charged with felony reckless homicide after his car fatally struck a state trooper in Illinois. The officer had been attempting to help after a separate crash during a snowstorm had worsened conditions on Interstate 294 about 25 miles south of the border with Wisconsin.

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