Locating Benefits For Permanently Injured Workers

Did you sustain a permanent work-related injury that prevents you from returning to work? Our attorneys have extensive experience helping workers who have suffered permanent work-related injuries. We have handled many cases successfully, and we have protected our clients' rights to the fullest extent.

The McCormick Law Office can help you obtain workers' compensation benefits for your temporary and permanent injuries. Some of the benefits we strive to obtain when applicable include permanent partial disability benefits (PPD), permanent total disability benefits (PTD), retraining benefits and loss of earning capacity benefits. Learn more about how we can help by calling us to schedule your free initial consultation: 877-412-7409.

An employee's permanent partial disability benefits (PPD) or permanent total disability benefits (PTD) rate is determined by Wisconsin statutes and your doctor's assessment of certain factors.

Eligibility For Retraining Benefits

If you are no longer able to do your job duties because of a permanent disability or because a doctor has assigned permanent restrictions, you may be entitled to retraining benefits. The goal of retraining benefits is to restore some or all of the injured employee's preinjury earning capacity. Retraining benefits can include going back to school. In this circumstance, you will likely meet with a vocational counselor to determine what retraining program and school are best for you. The goal of a retraining claim is to get you TTD benefits while you go to school, as well as receive compensation for educational expenses like books, miles and parking fees.

Compensation For Loss Of Earning Capacity

Employees who experience serious head, neck or back injuries and have permanent work restrictions may be entitled to loss of earning capacity benefits. A vocational expert will be able to help in determining your loss of earning capacity using his or her knowledge of the labor market. Loss of earning capacity benefits are usually higher than permanent partial disability benefits.

Experience In Helping the Injured

Since 1982, founding attorney Dan McCormick has helped clients throughout Milwaukee and Wisconsin obtain financial compensation in the aftermath of a serious personal injury. Take the time to consult with one of our workers' compensation benefits for permanent injury attorneys who can help resolve your case in an efficient and effective manner.

For a free initial consultation regarding your workers' compensation or personal injury claims, please contact the McCormick Law Office at 877-412-7409. Please note: If you are unable to come to us, our lawyers may make home and hospital visits, and be available after-hours by appointment.