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Wisconsin workers' compensation rates to drop

The rates for workers' compensation premiums in the state of Wisconsin will drop for contractors. The announcement was made by the State Department of Workforce Development on Tuesday of this week. The department said that the rates will drop by 8.46 percent. The decline comes after an approval by the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance in Wisconsin.

Labor and Industry Review Commission decisions questioned

The subcommittee of the Wisconsin legislature that writes the state's budget rejected Governor Scott Walker's proposal to cut the board that handles Wisconsin employment disputes. The board, which is independent, is known as the Labor and Industry Review Commission. It dates back to 1911.

Toxic exposure can harm workers without safety protocol in place

Toxic exposure is a problem for some people who are in the workforce. When you are likely to be exposed to any toxic substances in your workplace, you have to be notified of the possibility. For some workplaces, such as factories, employers will provide material safety data sheets to let workers know about the possible hazards they are coming into contact with.

Workers' compensation denials can be appealed

In our previous blog post, we discussed how your classification can impact a workers' compensation claim. That is only one of the factors that matters in these cases. Knowing what challenges your case might encounter can help you plan for overcoming those. We know that you might not have a comprehensive understanding of the Wisconsin workers' compensation system, but we can help you learn what points pertain to your case.

Worker status matters for workers' compensation claims

By now, readers of this blog probably have a good idea about how workers' compensation in Wisconsin is handled. It is important that people who are considering filing a claim know how a worker's classification can impact workers' compensation claims.

Circumstances matter in worker's compensation cases

The workers' compensation system is how people who are injured while they are going about their job duties can try to get their wages replaced and their medical bills taken care of. For those workers, denials are sometimes part of the process they go through. In other cases, the offered compensation isn't sufficient.

Know the steps in a worker's compensation claim

When you are injured at work, the last thing that you want to do is deal with a bunch of steps to get worker's compensation that can help you get the medical care you need and the wage replacement that can help you eek by until you are able to go to work again. Knowing the steps of the process can help you to be prepared for what is to come if you are injured at work.

What happens when I return to work after workers' compensation?

When you suffer an injury at work, whether it is a sudden injury or a progressive injury, you might end up having to take time off of work and seek medical care. That might lead to you filing for workers' compensation benefits. Those benefits are meant for you to get your medical bills paid for and have a portion of your income coming in while you heal from your work-related injuries. Eventually, you might be ready to go back to work.

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