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Motorcycle Accidents Archives

2 injured when motorcycle collides with deer

Two people were injured earlier this month when the motorcycle they were riding on collided with a deer in Waukesha County. The accident occurred 8:30 at night. The motorcycle collided with the deer, throwing both riders from the bike. They were transported to Aurora Summit Medical Center with extensive injuries that were not thought to be life-threatening.

Woman seriously injured in motorcycle wreck in Wisconsin

A Minnesota woman was seriously injured in a motorcycle wreck in Polk County, Wisconsin, late in the month of April. The accident occurred on Highway 8 in a roundabout on a Saturday night. The victim, 36, sustained life-threatening injuries in the crash.

Seeking compensation is possible after a motorcycle crash

Even though winter isn't quite through with us yet, now is the perfect time to brush up on motorcycle safety for the upcoming summer months. In fact, this is also a good time for drivers to take a few moments to remember that motorcycle awareness can help to keep bikers safe and able to return home to their family after a day on the open road.

Stay safe on your motorcycle this year

While you are on your motorcycle this year, you have to take all the steps that you can to stay safe. Even if you have been riding for years, there isn't any harm in brushing up on your motorcycle safety. Just remember that even if you are driving safely, not everyone will do the same.

The cause of a motorcycle accident is crucial in a lawsuit

Motorcycle accidents that pit a motorcycle against a larger vehicle like a semitruck or an SUV are devastating. For that matter, just about any motorcycle accident can be horrifying because bikers don't have the protections that people in other vehicles have.

Defective components can impact motorcycle injury cases

Motorcycle accidents of any sort are very dangerous for the rider. While many motorcycle accidents are caused by other drivers, there is a chance that a motorcycle accident could be caused by a defective motorcycle or defective components. In these cases, the motorcycle rider would seek compensation from the responsible entity instead of from another driver.

2 Milwaukee motorcyclists killed in crash with pick-up truck

Marijuana and alcohol are believed to have contributed to a crash that left two Milwaukee motorcyclists dead. The two men were riding east on McKinley Avenue in the early morning hours of Aug. 6 when the driver of a pick-up truck reportedly turned in front of them.

Motorcyclists often face an uphill battle for compensation

Motorcyclists can be gravely injured in accidents with other vehicles. The injuries that are possible can range from a bad case of road rash or a broken bone to brain injuries or spinal cord injuries. These injuries may require long-term medical care and possibly therapy that can be extremely costly, even with health care insurance.

Facts about motorcycle accidents that you should know

Now that we have warmer weather, motorcyclists are taking to the streets. For the next few months, or until the snowflakes start to fall, motorcyclists will have the opportunity to enjoy the great natural beauty of this area. With the increase in motorcycle traffic comes the risk of motorcyclists being injured in accidents. Some people might mistakenly think that the motorcyclists are always to blame for these accidents; however, statistics show that thought is a misconception.

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