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October 2015 Archives

Truck accident attorney must know truck safety regulations

As a truck accident attorney, we must know truck safety regulations.  As reported in FairWarning, the nonprofit investigative news organization based in Los Angeles, truck accidents kill nearly 4,000 Americans each year and injure more than 85,000. Since 2009, fatalities involving large truck collisions have increased 17 percent. Injuries have gone up 28 percent.  Given these numbers, you might expect Congress to be agitating for tighter controls on big rigs. In fact, many members are pushing for the opposite - looser restrictions on the trucking industry and its drivers.

Your actions after a car accident can affect your claims

When many people think about trying to seek compensation after a car accident, they might automatically focus on the actions of the other driver. That is an important factor in the case. However, your actions after the accident can also have an impact on the case.

Eliminating Workers Comp in Wisconsin

Eliminating workers comp in Wisconsin as we know it is the goal of some in the Wisconsin legislature.  The Industrial Revolution of the 1800s took people off the farms and into urban factories.  The factories were heavily dependent on manual labor and dangerous.  The laws protected the business owner's property more than worker's lives.  If you were hurt, get out of the way, there's somebody to take your place.

How does a victim's age impact a wrongful death lawsuit?

The loss of a loved one because of a tragic accident or an intentional act by someone is something that is very difficult to live with. When the person who was killed is a child or an elderly person, the tragedy often seems magnified. Some people who lose a child or an elderly family member to a tragedy that was someone else's fault might choose to seek compensation through a wrongful death lawsuit. There are some points to consider if you are thinking about a wrongful death lawsuit for an elderly person or child.

How is Whiplash Diagnosed, part one.

How is whiplash diagnosed after a car accident?  The diagnosis of neck problems begins with a thorough history of your condition and the involved car accident. You might be asked to fill out a questionnaire describing your neck problems. Then your doctor will ask you questions to find out when you first started having problems, what makes your symptoms better or worse, and how the symptoms affect your daily activity. Your answers will help guide the physical examination.

Several conditions are required for workers' compensation claims

When a person is injured at work, whether the injury is because of an accident or a progressive work-related condition, the person might opt to seek compensation for the injuries. One way that workers in Wisconsin might do this is by filing a claim for workers' compensation coverage.

Not all workplace injuries are caused by an accident

Suffering injuries at work might mean that you can qualify for workers' compensation. Some people think that workers' compensation is only suitable for people who were injured in a serious accident; however, workers' compensation is also meant for workers who suffer degenerative injuries because of their workplace activities.

Whiplash Mechanism of Injury in Car Accidents

Whiplash mechanism of injury in car accidents occurs when the head and neck are suddenly and forcefully whipped forward and back, mechanical forces place excessive stress on the cervical spine. Traumatic disc rupture and soft tissue damage can occur.  The cartilage between the disc and the vertebral bone is often cracked.

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