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February 2015 Archives

Causes of Neck or Cervical Work Injury

Causes of neck or cervical work injury can be either a traumatic injury or from job duties over time.  McCormick Law Office in Milwaukee represents injured workers in workers compensation claims.  Recently the Wisconsin legislature passed laws that will harm the interests of employees across our state.  Specifically, the budget bill contains radical changes to the Wisconsin Worker's Compensation Division that will hurt not only employees but employers and insurance companies as well by making the process more difficult to navigate.  Unfortunately, the proponents of the changes either do not understand their effect or worse.  This has nothing to do with policy.  It will not make Wisconsin more competitive for business or create jobs.  It is ideology pure and simple, as evidenced by the changes coming from ALEC not any Wisconsin policy makers. At this point, the legislature has not proposed substantive changes in workers compensation benefits.  We will continue to fight for workers rights whatever they come up with.  

Causes of Neck or Cervical Work Injury

Causes of neck or cervical work injury can be either a traumatic injury or from job duties over time.  McCormick Law Office gets calls from injured workers in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Washington and Racine counties asking if they have a workers comp claim.  It is not unusual for a primary care physician's office to not question the possible occupational source of a cervical injury.  To get successful results attorneys should inquire about any specific work-related accidents and then ask about a worker's job duties, to see if there is a possible relationship between the neck symptoms and the job.  Here is a brief overview of some medical causes of neck pain and how they can be the source of a workers compensation claim.

Truck accidents and meeting a victim’s needs

Some of the most dangerous winter driving is found on Wisconsin roads. Traveling the interstate highways alongside an unqualified or inattentive truck driver on a sunny summer day can be dangerous. At this time of year, it could be a collision waiting to happen.

Neck or Cervical Work Injury

Understanding neck or cervical work injury anatomy is important for the workers compensation attorney.   A workers compensation lawyer does not need to know biochemistry, but should have a thorough knowledge of basic anatomy concerning the injuries involving workers injured on the job or from job duties.

Slip and Fall Accident Cases

According to the CDC, slip and fall accidents result in over one million injuries annually and 20,000 deaths per year, mostly in the elderly population. McCormick Law Office attorneys represent people injured in slip and fall accidents every year. Living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin means that we must be careful to look out for the accumulation of snow and ice. Taking just some specific steps may help prevent a nasty spill and a serious injury:

Obesity is Not a Defense to Workers Compensation Benefits

Obesity is not a defense to workers compensation benefits in Wisconsin if the back disability is also caused in part to a traumatic work injury or to job duties over time. There is no question that obesity contributes to back pain and disability.  By statistics, 68% of Americans are overweight because they have a body mass index (BMI) over 25, and 34% are obese with a BMI over 30!  So we have to work on this.  But when a worker's compensation doctor examines an injured worker and writes a report denying worker's compensation benefits or medical treatment saying the low back condition is due to personal reasons, such as obesity or smoking, they are not being honest with the law.    

Car accidents: Can congestion relief help?

Wisconsin is just like all the other states across the country when it comes to traffic congestion. We have it, and we must deal with it just about every day on our highways and metropolitan area roads. Of course, commuters and travelers might become aggravated at delays. But the more serious issue is when an accident happens. It's far more likely that what might have been a fender bender-type collision will turn into a car accident involving multiple vehicles because of congested roads.

Workers Compensation Proposed Changes

In Wisconsin, Governor Walker has proposed dismantling Wisconsin's nationally acclaimed Workers Compensation System.   Since 1911, when Wisconsin was the first state with a comprehensive worker's compensation system, our state has been the model for other states to follow.  Here are some of the consequences of breaking apart Wisconsin's workers compensation system.

Workers’ compensation claims are not always a simple process

Workers' compensation laws are protection for people who are injured while at work. Most employees know that, although with a vague understanding of how that will be fulfilled. Injuries can be the result of an accident or cumulative, task-related physical distress as in development of carpal tunnel syndrome or back pain. The goal of these laws is to limit lawsuits by providing fixed monetary compensation. Wisconsin statutes establish the framework for the process, as does each other state in the country. Federal laws cover the military and government employees.

Mopeds and motorcycles: The same or different on Wisconsin roads?

Motorcycles are a really efficient, fun and safe way to get from here to there all across Wisconsin. Some people don't understand the appeal. Others find them exciting to ride. When it comes to accidents, however, there's no question that the vulnerability of open riding increases the risk of serious injury. The same can be said for mopeds.

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