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October 2014 Archives

Transportation accidents top list of workplace personal injuries

Wrongful death claims and lawsuits are the means by which survivors in Wisconsin can help themselves recover. For families who have lost a loved one, often it is that sense of accountability that allows emotional healing to begin. Some can't survive very well without the financial security an award or settlement can provide. But there's no question that it would be better if there hadn't been a loss in the first place. With a focus on workplace accidental fatalities, the government is studying occupational injuries and death to help narrow down what may be behind the problem.

Defective auto parts focus of victims’ accident lawsuit

People who choose to use bus transportation are properly expecting to arrive at their destinations safely. It's the responsibility of the company providing the service to ensure drivers are capable and the vehicle is mechanically sound to the extent possible. While it's frustratingly true that accidents will happen on occasion for unavoidable reasons, usually a highway crash can be attributed to negligence, distraction, impairment, driver error or a parts malfunction.

Why a Wisconsin personal injury attorney can help

Sometimes, accidents at work or on the road occur with minimal damages or injuries. Insurance information is exchanged between or among the involved parties, claims are filed and repairs are made. Life goes on. But what happens if Wisconsin residents are hurt in an accident, and life doesn't just go on as it did before?

Families of Wisconsin crash victims settle with General Motors

There are some common procedures to be followed when victims or families want to seek compensation for their losses after an auto accident. Police reports, insurance company information and most importantly, medical care are undertaken. But aside from these steps, each car accident and its victims is unique. This is where a skillful evaluation of the circumstances comes in.

Distracted driving: a dangerous choice in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation advises drivers not to allow distractions while they are on the road. Common sense dictates that's a good idea. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows, however, that in 2008, nearly 6,000 people died and more than 500,000 were injured across the United States in car accidents involving a distracted driver. Wisconsin lawmakers put forth an effort to curb that trend, passing regulations in 2010. The state law prohibits drivers from being so occupied or otherwise engaged that it interferes with safe driving.

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