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September 2014 Archives

Does auto insurance cover motorcycle crash injury or fault?

It's very common for motorcycle owners and riders to also own regular passenger vehicles for those times when cycling isn't the right choice. Drivers know they are required to maintain automobile insurance in case of accident or damage. But what are the motorcycle insurance minimum requirements in Wisconsin?

Multi-vehicle car accident under investigation in Wisconsin

Police and accident reconstruction specialists are hard at work investigating a chain-reaction auto accident that happened about 60 miles north of Milwaukee in Dodge County. Their findings will likely be very important to the recovery of the victims, as well as to prosecutors who may choose to file charges against the at-fault driver.

Herniated Disc Back Surgery: Lumbar Fusion

Doctors often recommend posterior lumbar fusion to get the best results for workers with herniated discs.  Posterior (back side) lumbar fusion is the most common type of back surgery fusion for the low back.  Surgery should never be the first option or ever taken lightly.  But if fusion surgery is necessary, it is important to have lawyers knowledgeable about the medicine as well as the law.  Most of the injured workers seeking workers compensation benefits represented by McCormick Law Office attorneys have had cervical or lumbar fusions.

A wrongful death lawsuit can help families recover

Many people have had to deal with the loss of a loved one because of an accident, a crime or an injury caused by a defective product. Just last month we shared the story of a Wisconsin woman killed in a car accident involving an elderly car driver and a third vehicle, a flatbed truck. It was pointed out that when someone's negligence causes a fatal accident, survivors may want to consider a wrongful death legal action to help with expenses, hold the responsible person or business accountable and provide financial security for those left behind.

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