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August 2014 Archives

Fatal truck accident kills 1, injures 2

When a person is killed in a car crash or other accident caused by the negligence of another party, the surviving family members may be able to file a wrongful death suit. Awarded monies from these types of suits are often used to help the family with funeral expenses, and it may also be possible to be awarded damages for loss of companionship. Money is not a substitute for the life of a loved one, but a wrongful death suit can help bring those left behind closure.

Facts about motorcycle accidents and safety in Wisconsin

To know what to do after a motorcycle accident occurs, residents of Wisconsin may first want to understand some of the broad facts about accidents and safety in the state. These can help paint a picture of the dangers of riding a motorcycle -- not to deter people from doing it, but so that they can have realistic expectations.

Herniated Disc Back Surgery: Discectomy

Herniated disc back surgery discectomy is often recommended for injured workers with serious neck or low back pain.  To get the best results employees seeking workers' compensation benefits represented by McCormick Law Office attorneys should be fully informed of their options by doctors.  This blog is a summary of surgical procedures in lay terms, a starting point, and not a substitute for medical advice. Wisconsin workers, particularly in the Milwaukee area, are fortunate to have the highest rated surgeons and hospitals for their workers compensation injury care and treatment.

Wisconsin August law of the month: Teens and cellphones

An ever-growing, accident-causing distraction for drivers everywhere is cellphone use. The increased risk of causing a car accident or not avoiding one because of texting or talking on the phone is a focus of Wisconsin lawmakers and law enforcement officers. Of particular concern, according to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, is the combination of cellphone distraction and inexperience of teenage drivers.

Herniated Disc Back Surgery Laminectomy

Herniated disc back surgery laminectomy is often recommended for injured workers with wear and tear spinal stenosis.  Workers' compensation insurance company doctors usually say spinal stenosis is a degenerative condition unrelated to an injured worker's job dutiesMcCormick Law Office attorneys seek the best results for injured workers and we do not accept the insurance company denial based on an independent medical exam or IME.  Spinal stenosis can result from a work-related disc bulging into the spinal canal or bone spurs aggravating the nerves causing pain.

Crash victim speaks at Wisconsin hearing; defendant jailed

Early retirement and workers' compensation are the likely needs of a Milwaukee deputy according to recent reports. Critically injured after a police chase, the emotional testimony of the injured officer may have played a role in the judge's decision to impose jail time on the defendant involved. The court's determination of guilt and a prison term for the person who caused the workplace injury may add sound information to a workers' compensation benefits request.

Herniated Disc Surgery: Foraminotomy

Herniated disc surgery foraminotomy is an option for injured workers after trying nonsurgical treatment first.  At McCormick Law Office most of our clients have had significant neck or back surgery, and to get the best results a workers' compensation attorney must be familiar with the different surgical options available to treat injured workers with herniated discs.

Traffic slowdown leads to truck accident in Wisconsin

Large vehicles on the road can lead to serious accidents, especially when truck drivers or others are not paying proper attention to traffic situations. In one recent Wisconsin accident, authorities believe a dump truck driver didn't slow down appropriately when traffic slowed at an exit ramp. The resulting multiple vehicle truck accident killed one person and injured others.

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