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June 2014 Archives

Job Duties Causing Early Retirement

When job duties contribute to a neck or back condition causing early retirement, there may be worker's compensation benefits available to the injured worker.  Even without an identifiable traumatic injury or reported accident, if a degenerative neck or low back condition makes it impossible to keep working there are worker's compensation benefits available to the worker, if a doctor states that the back injury or condition was caused in part by the worker's job duties over time.  McCormick Law Office reviews cases of workers who have been forced to early retirement because their neck or back will not let them continue working: construction laborers, masons, electricians, drywallers, painters, plumbers, carpenters, roofers, HVAC; factory manufacturing machinists, tool and die makers, warehouse workers, maintenance; nurses and CNAs; welders, ironworkers, boilermakers, landscapers and truck drivers.

Driver faces DUI charges for Wisconsin car accident

One of the goals for an auto accident victim and his or her family may be to seek financial compensation from the person or persons responsible. While a victim must initially focus on physical recovery, concerns such as medical expenses and lost wages can relentlessly hover in the background.

Does Back Fusion Surgery Affect Other Disc Levels?

Injured workers facing surgery often ask, does back fusion surgery at one level affect the disc levels above or below the surgery.  For any particular individual, this question should be directed to one's surgeon and independent, reliable research.  At McCormick Law Office, we are interested in the issue because many of our cases involve causally connecting these additional disc levels to a prior work-related injury or condition years after an original surgery.

Exhaustion allegedly to blame for Tracy Morgan truck accident

For residents of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a truck accident on the road is a very real concern. Though a run-in with a large truck isn't highly likely every time you slip behind the wheel, truck accidents do happen, and the resulting injuries and damages can be catastrophic.

Wrongful death claimed, police sued

When a loved one dies unexpectedly, families need answers to the why and how. If it happened by accident, or at the hands of another, accountability is critical to the emotional recovery that allows one to move on. Sometimes, a wrongful death lawsuit is the means by which that accountability can be had.

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