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January 2014 Archives

Woman dies from injuries sustained in Wisconsin truck accident

From freight trucks that carry necessary groceries and other goods to construction vehicles that are essential in building infrastructure, trucks are a vital part of life for Wisconsin residents. Occasionally, careless driving or unfortunate circumstances lead to truck accidents. When injury or death occurs because of the action of a truck driver or trucking company, victims can seek compensation for medical expenses and pain and suffering.

Wisconsin roads see a reduction in motorcycle accidents in 2013

Vehicle accidents of any kind can result in serious injuries. Due to their nature, motorcycle accidents can cause catastrophic injuries, even when the rider is following all safety protocols. In some good news, 2013 saw an improvement in the number of motorcycle accidents.

Verdict in fatal crash case will cost defendants millions

When you learn something new, there is usually a learning curve involved. On highways all across Wisconsin, newly-licensed commercial drivers are doing just that and usually without incident. Unfortunately, the same wasn't true a few years ago in another state. A wrongful death verdict has been entered against a driver and the company for which he works because of a fatal accident that took place in 2009.

Dental procedures allegedly lead to toddler’s wrongful death

Accidents involving a child of any age are one of the most frightening things parents face. How much harder it must be to bear when there is no risky behavior or unavoidable calamity that causes the tragedy. Wisconsin moms and dads mustn't live in a constant state of worry about the wrongful death of their children. But choices regarding medical care and activities in which children are included deserve careful consideration.

Wrongful death suits settled for off-road truck crash victims

People are fascinated with truck and automobile racing. Sporting events take place in Wisconsin on a regular basis, and fans are excited to attend and watch their favorite driver or player head to the winner's circle. The thought of a fatal accident or personal injury due to some kind of negligence on another's part is the farthest thing from their minds.

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