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December 2013 Archives

Winter weather leads to 40-car accident in Wisconsin

Severe weather of all types increases the chance of vehicle accidents. Snow, ice and even rain can cause vehicles to skid or impair visibility for drivers, contributing to the possibility of a car accident. In December, dozens of people were caught up in pile-ups on Wisconsin roads.

Last airplane-related 9/11 suit reaches settlement

Wisconsin residents who have dealt with loss of a loved one in a sudden accident or incident know that the grief process often includes unanswered questions. For many, answers to questions about the cause and reasons behind a loved-one's death are as valuable as monetary compensation to assist with future or current needs. For families of 9/11 victims, such answers are likely to remain elusive as a wrongful death suit comes to a close.

Charges pending a year after Wisconsin motorcyclist killed

Both criminal and civil investigations surrounding a vehicle accident can be tedious and time-consuming to complete. In the case of a fatal motorcycle accident that occurred in Oct. 2012, the driver who allegedly caused the accident is still facing criminal charges and was due in court on Dec. 8 regarding the case.

State trooper dies in truck accident, driver charged

Wisconsin drivers know that semi-truck accidents can be fatal, especially when the incident involves a head-on collision at full speed. A truck driver is being charged in a fatal truck accident that occurred in March 2013. The truck driver is facing felony charges.

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